How To Change Gmail Password

Gmail is a web based email application, which is one of the most used and popular email services in the world. Gmail is managed and offered by none other than Google, the global technology MNC. Gmail user interface is one of the best ones and it also come with numerous features. It is easy to use, safe and light.

While using email service one thing we must do for security reasons is changing password periodically. Gmail password change is a easy and simple process. It does not matter where you are using your Gmail, you can change the password instantly +Read More..

Google Not Working 1 888 966 7916

Google not working

Google is a name which is known by millions of people in the world. It is absolutely correct to say that anyone who knows about internet knows about Google. He does not only know about Google but also uses Google on daily basis. Google is part of their daily life. One day without Google is not imaginable by millions of people. This is true not only for professionals but also for non professionals. In this case when a Google user finds that Google is not working then it becomes very difficult for the user. But you need to +Read More..

How do I enable two-step verification in Gmail account

Enable two-step verification

Enable two-step verification

Gmail allows you to put security for your account. It gives you feature in which you can enable two-steps verification. This is for when you try to access your Gmail account on a new device you need to enter both your Gmail password along with a code sent on your phone or email by Google. You can follow few simple steps to activate two-steps verification Gmail. Gmail gives you strong security features so that no one can misuse your Gmail account in any which way. So if you want that no one else can +Read More..

How to Forward an Individual Message in Gmail

Forward an email on Gmail

Forward an email on Gmail

Gmail gives you so many features that you like it very much and you choose it over many other email services. You compose a mail and send it to other or you receive a mail and reply back and thus there is a chain of messages in the same sender and receiver individual/group. Now if you have to forward this mail to someone then you can do it easily. You forward an email to someone so that you can let him know everything that has been discussed in the conversation so far.

+Read More..