How to delete all emails at once on Gmail?

How to delete all emails at once on Gmail

Delete all emails at once on Gmail

A cluttered inbox in Gmail is obviously needed to be cleaned up by the account owner. There are instances when a user wants to delete all his/her emails at once. The willingness can also include a large number of emails from a label, emails from a particular contact, or emails from a search. You won’t be able to delete the group of emails unless you know the actual trick. That’s why we have come up with a write-up which is going to tell you how to delete emails.

How to delete all unread emails?

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How to Attach & Send Picture, Video, Files in Gmail

How do you send a video on Gmail

Send a Video on Gmail

You are allowed to link any files in your Google Drive account as the Gmail accounts come with 15 GB of free storage. But the same email account allows you to send an attachment of up to 25 MB as it is the maximum limit. Using Google Drive for sending video files (including YouTube videos) of virtually any without initiated by the size of the attachment is possible is, however, possible in Gmail. So, get the answer of how do I attach a video to Gmail from iPhone or from Desktop? To do that, +Read More..

How do I Configure email on my iPhone

How do I Configure email on my iPhone

Configure Email on my iPhone

In order to configure an email account on iPhone, you need to keep your email address and account password in your mind. Post Office Protocol (POP3) downloads the messages locally to your device. That’s why the selection of IMAP is necessary for you, especially if you want to check the account on multiple computers or mobile devices. Here is an opportunity to know how you add email to iPhone 6 effectively.

  1. Open your iPhone’s [Home Screen]
  2. Choose [Settings] after finding this option
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How to Create a Gmail account without phone verification

How to Create a Gmail account without phone verification

Create Many Gmail Account Without Mobile Number

Google, in general, doesn’t allow any of us to get an email account without a phone number verification. But you can get it by the use of two tricky methods. These are not popular methods but not even duplicate ways to get the Gmail accounts. The next section of this page will tell you both the tricks for creating many Gmail accounts without mobile numbers.

First Method

A kid of 15 years or below doesn’t have a phone number, in general. The Google officials are familiar with this fact. For making a Gmail account +Read More..