How to Recover or Retrieve Deleted mails from Gmail Account?

Recover or Retrieve Deleted mails from Gmail Account

Recover or retrieve deleted mails from Gmail account

If you deleted some mails then they go to trash folder from where you can retrieve your deleted mails from Gmail account. All deleted mails within last 30 days go to Trash folder. From Trash you can recover your deleted mails in Gmail within 30 days. To recover mails from Trash follow below steps:

  • First open your Gmail account.
  • Next on the left side of the page you have to click More > Trash
  • Now all those messages that you want to retrieve you have to click the box next to all those messages.
  • Click “Move”.
  • Now you +Read More..

Gmail is not opening in chrome / Gmail not working in chrome

Gmail is not opening in chrome

Welcome to the Gmail email services:

Google includes multiple immense dexterity and value added features such as Google Drive, Google Analytics, Youtube and so on. Many of the time you may face the socket errors when try to open Gmail in chrome. We are an end-to-end service provider company with unmatched team of high qualified technical support engineers. The company is putting a grand welcome to Gmail Customer Care Helpline Number of their organization. The company is best in serving the best assortment of support in case your gmail is not opening in chrome at the moment within a +Read More..

How do you verify your Gmail account?

How do you verify your Gmail account?

Verify your Gmail account with customer service number

If you are among them who are facing the same problem just do nothing except hitting the Gmail Technical Support Number in between the operation. There could be various numbers of login issues that become visible while its being operated and ultimately people just do not know the solution and arise the question related to the Gmail account to the customer care staffs. As we create the new account or changing the password we receive a link over associated addition mobile number or mail id. By clicking on that id we +Read More..

How to Manage Gmail account Security or Privacy?

How to Manage Gmail account Security & Privacy?

Manage Gmail account Security and Privacy?

Gmail is quite a robust platform and allows you to manage your Gmail account Security and Privacy both. For this you have to go to My Account section after logging in to your Gmail Account. This “My Account” you can find when you click on your Gmail ID initial icon at the right top corner of your mail page after you have logged in. In this My Account Page You will see following:

1.Sign in & Security

2.Personal info & Privacy

3.Account Preferences

So here in Sign in & Security section you will +Read More..