Why does email take so long to be delivered sometimes?

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Gmail is a free email service of Google that gives its customers a gigantic limit for messages. You can make a huge number out of messages by making names and in this manner, sorting the email messages to make yourself agreeable.

Regardless of being the main email benefit, the Gmail clients are not free from committing errors and confronting numerous overwhelming issues. To decide these missteps, the ideal route is to Contact Gmail Customer Care Phone Number. The services are given by the +Read More..

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Gmail is a free Web-based email administration of the Google that gives its clients gigabytes of capacity for the messages and gives the capacity to the inquiry to particular messages.

Despite enjoying the latest features of Gmail, its clients face a large number of Gmail issues. To determine these issues and to provide the effective solutions, there are elective backings like to dial the Gmail Customer Care Number in order to resolve your issues.

Mentioned below are some issues of Gmail faced commonly +Read More..

Gmail Help Center Number for login issues or Message sending errors

Gmail Support Number

Gmail is one of the popular and widely used web based email service providers in the world.Sometimes users faced different types of Login Issues .

There are some simple steps to resolve these issues are below :

1         First of all check your email account is correct or not. A gmail account is ending with and If your accoun is not asscociate with this domains, then you are not to be able to open your gmail account. So Create a New Gmail Account if you don’t have it.

2       +Read More..

How to Back Up Your Gmail Account?

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Ways to Back Up Your Gmail Account

1.Mail Settings in Gmail

1 .Image titled Backup_gmail01_866.png Log into Gmail and click on "Mail Settings" in the top right hand corner. This can be accessed from any Gmail page.

2.Image titled Backup_gmail02_213.png Locate and click on the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab.

3.Look under "POP Download". Select the first option, "Enable POP for all mail (even mail that's already been downloaded)".

4.Click on "Save Changes" at the bottom.

5.Configure your mail client following the steps below. Once your mail client +Read More..