How Would You Connect Google Assistant to Alexa

Need to Connect Google Assistant to Amazon Alexa? Get a Step by Step Manual To Do So

In this fast pace life, doing a task is like making a pathway through the mountains and we lazy people always try to find the simplest way to wrap up the task with the least efforts. This is not a problem nowadays as it becomes a habit or can say some kind of malfunction in human psychology but the technology has expanded to infinity and hence it is delivering us with its latest gifts. One of the astonishing gift received through the advancement in technology is a virtual assistant technology which incorporates artificial intelligence.

It has made our lives simpler than ever and Amazon Alexa is a great example of it. Besides, Google assistant is another gem brought out using this technology. Moreover, it reduces the burden from your shoulder of doing a couple of simple tasks such as playing music, searching a query over the internet, making a to-do list, calling someone, typing a message, managing your calendar, and whatnot.

Besides, there are times when you need to access both the technologies at the same time, in that case, some users don't get any clue about what to do or not. Fair enough, in this kind of misery, this post will help each and every single user. Also, you may contact Google customer service to get immediate help.

How Would You Connect Google Assistant to Alexa?

  • At first, visit the Alexa Developer page and sign in.
  • Then tap on the Alexa Skills Kit option on the Developer Console page.
  • Further, click the Create Skill option and name it Google Assitant for Alexa and choose the Language, click the Next option.
  • Then select Custome option and Create Skill.
  • And then go to Invocation and name it for example "google assistant".
  • Furthermore, you have to click the Save Model and choose Intents option.
  • After that, you have to click the +Add Intent option and select the "Use an existing intent from Alexa’s built-in library" option.
  • Thereafter, scroll down and click Standard option, select the Arrow option to get all options.
  • In addition, adding all the intents click the +Add Intent option and click on the Save Model option.

In this way, you would successfully connect Google Assistant to Alexa without breaking a sweat. Moreover, while doing all the above steps, you encounter any trouble and require some help to rectify the issue, in that situation, you may contact the Google customer service to get immediate support at any time from the experts.