How to Fix Internal Facebook Server(HTTP) Error 500

Ways to Fix Facebook Server Error 500

The Server Error 500 is a common HTTP code which indicates that there is a problem in the web site's server. If you are facing server error on Facebook it probably means that something is wrong with Facebook’s server. However, there are a few ways that you can try to solve Facebook server error 500.

1. Wait For a Few While

The very first thing you can do is to wait for a few while. Often the error is temporary and is resolved in few minutes. Therefore you can wait and come back to Facebook later.

2. Refresh  Your Computer or Web Page

You can refresh your computer or web page and also try to load it frequently. This can solve the issue and get back you page.

3. Delete Your Browser Cache and Cookies

You can delete your browser’s cache and cookies as they can overload the browser. If any cache is corrupted then it can also cause errors. Clear the cache and cookies and check if the error has solved.

4. Try Different Browser

You can open Facebook in any other browser. Sometimes the error could be specifically on any one browser. Therefore try another browser like chrome, Firefox, safari and see if Facebook works. If the error still exists then you can contact the customer support of Facebook and get solutions.