How can I setup IMAP for Gmail on my iPhone?

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Setup IMAP for Gmail on my iPhone

The Internet Message Access Protocol has been added to Gmail very recently; it was a long-awaited feature for the iPhone users. This feature allows the iPhone users to access and go through offline messages. To synchronize it, you just need to open the built-in account list. This list allows you to choose [Gmail] from the list of built-in accounts in the meantime of adding a new email account. Hence, you are supposed to navigate the [Settings] icon. After it is opened, your next job is to select [Mail, Contacts, & Calendars]. However, the addition of account address and account password is suggested by Gmail Toll free Phone  Number in this regard.

How to enable IMAP for Gmail?

Here is the complete procedure to add IMAP in your Gmail account settings. Please tap the [Settings] icon to initiate the process. The selection of [Mail] is suggested to you then. Select [Add Account] and [Other] respectively. You will find the Gmail option here; just ignore it. Otherwise, you will set up POP rather than IMAP. The IMAP tab will be found as a highlighted option. Gmail Customer Care Number now drills to put [] as the host name. Follow this step by the addition of your full Gmail address. You can use [] as the Outgoing Mail Server. Press the [Save] button by pressing the [Save] icon, appeared on your iPhone screen. We also request you verifying the [Advanced] settings. In order to do that, you are instructed to open the [Settings] window. Here you need to enter the [Gmail IMAP Account] and select the [Advanced] tab. Well, 993 and 587 are the suggested server ports for Incoming Settings and Outgoing Settings. In both the instances, you will have to keep the SSL feature activated. Get in touch with the helpdesk team to get the answer to your query, what is a host name on incoming mail server? Google has elected a great technical team which is full of certified people.