How Do I Add my Recovery Phone Number to Gmail Account

How Do I Add my Recovery Phone Number to Gmail Account.jpg

Add Recovery Phone Number to Gmail Account

You can add your recovery phone number in Gmail by following below:

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account.
  2. Next go to “Personal info and privacy” section and then select “Your personal info”.
  3.  Here you have to choose “Phone”
  4. Here you can, add a recovery phone number. To do so under “Recovery Phone” select “Add recovery phone”. You can also change your recovery phone number here. For this you need to click “Edit” next to your existing Phone Number. You need to update your new number here.
  5. You need to enter your phone number and then follow the instructions.

This is how you can add your phone number in your Gmail account.

Set up a recovery phone number or email address

You can follow above mentioned steps to add recovery phone number. To set a recovery email address you can follow below steps:

  1. Sign in to your "Recovery email" page in My Account.
  2. From here you can:

                 Add a recovery email.

                Change your recovery email: Next to your email address, select Edit.

        3. Enter your recovery email address.

        4.Select Done.

This is how you can change your recovery email id in your Gmail account.

Gmail Password Recovery Number

Suppose you forgot your Gmail password and you want to reset it then you can do so. One option to do so is by getting a verification code on your recovery phone number that you entered while creating your Gmail account. You can reset your Gmail password through recovery phone number.

Gmail Technical Support Number

Gmail has best Technical support team and they are always ready to solve query of users. Any user facing any issue related to your Gmail account on any device that you are using you can get help online, through Live chat or phone. So any time if you are looking to get help on Phone then you should dial Gmail Technical support number and get the desired help from the team.