How Do I Get an Email Address for My Business

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Get an Email Address for My Business

The email is considered as the most reliable source for communication for the professional uses. It helps the individual to send and receive messages for their professional uses and keep the record of the same. In order to get an email address for the business, users are required to go through the given steps

  • Sign in to google My Business
  • Click on the menu option
  • The menu option will be on the left side at the top of page
  • Select the option of create business account
  • Enter the business account name and select the option of done

These steps will help the users to get the email address to the users for their business uses. Users can call on the Gmail Support Toll free Number and interact with the experts to get the solution for their issues.

How to Setup a Google Account with your Company Domain Name?

The google account also provides the feature to setup an account with the company domain name. This helps them to communicate with the help of an email account send with the name of company in it.

  • Go to google and select the signin option
  • Select the option of create account
  • Fill the credentials asked there
  • Choose a username and password for your account
  • Users can also link another account
  • Enter the personal details asked in the form

Now users will get to know about setting up GOOGLE/Gmail email accounts helping them to manage both their personal as well as professional uses. While creating the gmail account, users need to enter all the information very accurately in order to make the account safe and secured. Information like phone number and email address help them to retrieve the account if users lost their password. The user name is also supposed to be very appropriate as it is the first impression for the users to present themselves to the receiver of the message.

If for any situation, users feel difficulty in the working on their gmail account, they are required to immediately contact the Gmail Customer Service Phone Number and discuss their issues.