How Do I Remove Yahoo Mail Account From Outlook

Steps On How To Remove Yahoo Mail Account From Outlook: Follow Only 8 Simple Steps

The outlook is a web application for managing emails, tasks, calendar which is basically used for official purposes. Basically, Outlook is one of the first major webmail services to be ever found. Maybe you have attached other accounts as well along with your Outlook account and now want to remove it. Therefore the steps to remove Yahoo mail account from outlook are as follows:

  1. Go to the outlook icon and remove it from your desktop and tap open.
  2. Now next from file choose Account settings and later tap on the account settings menu.
  3. Now you will be able to see all the mail IDs attached to your outlook account. Scroll down and click on the yahoo email address to remove.
  4. Now next tap on the remove button.
  5. You would need to confirm your step by clicking the yes option.
  6. And hence your account would be removed from outlook account.
  7. While following these steps remember that you can only remove the connection between the two accounts and not email account.
  8. Also, there are different steps for different updated versions of outlook.

And hence you are done with your yahoo account removal from Outlook. But if any problems persist you can still contact third party customer service number for any sort of assistance and immediate help.