How to Change Gmail password on smartphone & iphone

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Change Gmail password on smartphone & iphone

Google suggests you to change your Gmail account password on regular intervals so that your Gmail account remain safe from unauthorized access and thus from any suspicious activities which may result in suspension of your Gmail account from Google and you may also loose your critical data stored in the Gmail account. Changing your Gmail account password on a PC is easy. But you can also change your Gmail password on smart phone like Android and on an iPhone.

Steps to change Gmail password on smartphone & iphone

You should change your Gmail password for security reasons. Your Google Account password is used to access many Google products, like Gmail and YouTube.
You can follow below steps to change Gmail password in your smartphone:

  1. First open your browser and type in your smartphone.
  2. After that press enter and then you will be prompted to sign in with your Google account if you have not already signed in. After signing in here, tap on “Sign-in & security” option.
  3. Now on the next page, you can see the option of “Password”, tap on it and you need to sign in again with your current password.
  4. Now sign in again. After that you will see two blank fields where you can enter your new password. When you have entered both fields, then tap on “CHANGE PASSWORD” in blue to change your Gmail password.

This is how you can change your Gmail password on Smartphone.

You can follow below steps to change your password in iPhone:

  1. First sign in to My account.
  2. After that under "Sign-in & security," you need to select Signing in to Google.
  3. Now choose Password. If you see a prompt to sign in again, then you need to sign in.
  4. Now enter your new Gmail password, and then select Change Password.

This is how you can change your Gmail password on iPhone.

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