How to Create a Gmail account without phone verification

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Create Many Gmail Account Without Mobile Number

Google, in general, doesn’t allow any of us to get an email account without a phone number verification. But you can get it by the use of two tricky methods. These are not popular methods but not even duplicate ways to get Gmail accounts. The next section of this page will tell you both the tricks for creating many Gmail accounts without mobile numbers.

First Method(Create Gmail Account without Phone Number)

  • A kid of 15 years or below doesn’t have a phone number, in general. Google officials are familiar with this fact. For making a Gmail account without any phone verification you need to do a mental preparation of a kid of 15 years or below.
  • Another thing you need to do is to clear the cookies and history of your web browser.
  • Once you have done with both the things, you are instructed to open the official portal of Google, Go to the Sign Up section and enter the details. While entering the registration details, you need to put a date of birth of a minor.
  • Hence, you can leave the bar asking for the Gmail Password Reset Phone Number. But yes, you have to put a recovery email in this regard. Accept the terms and conditions. Your job, in the end, is to save the registration details. Your Gmail account will be ready to get its first login.

Second Method(Create Gmail Account without Phone Number Verification):

By the installation of Bluestacks software, you can create a Gmail account. It won’t be asking for a phone number verification. Follow these steps to create Gmail Account-

  • Open the installed software and go to the Settings window.
  • Click on Google in order to get a new account. Add a new Google account now.
  • It will bring a registration page on your screen.
  • Enter your first name, last name, account username, and recovery email after that.
  • The captcha characters that have appeared have to be entered in the blank bar.
  • Save your inputs and get a brand new account.

The detailed information about this method can be availed from Gmail Technical Support Toll free Number, the universal helpline number. It is highly responsive and incredibly quick in dealing with the users.