How to delete all emails at once on Gmail?

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Delete all emails at once on Gmail

A cluttered inbox in Gmail is obviously needed to be cleaned up by the account owner. There are instances when a user wants to delete all his/her emails at once. The willingness can also include a large number of emails from a label, emails from a particular contact, or emails from a search. You won’t be able to delete the group of emails unless you know the actual trick. That’s why we have come up with a write-up which is going to tell you how to delete emails.

How to delete all unread emails?

Please type [is:unread] or [lable:unread] in your search box if you are willing to delete the unread emails at once. This search will find all those emails which are marked as unread anywhere in your inbox. The method is even applicable for you if you want to delete the emails that are marked as read emails.

How to delete all emails associated with one contact?

Gmail Toll free Number first instructs you to go to the search box that is located on the top portion of your inbox and type that contact. After the search is complete, you need to move your mouse pointer over the name. It will launch a pop-up window. Your next job is to click on the [Email] button. Hence, the list of send and received emails will appear. Just hit the [Select All] button and delete all of these emails.

How to delete all emails from a label?

A group of emails in labels can be deleted just by selecting the [Label] icon. You will find this button on the left-hand panel. After you have done with this step, you are supposed to use the tickbox near compose to select all of the messages on one page. The selection of [Select all XXX conversations…] link will be helpful for you in this way. Press the [Delete] button at the end. Get in touch with Gmail experts by the use of Gmail Customer Care  Number to cope with any sort of difficulty.

How to delete all emails?

The deletion of all your emails in Gmail is perhaps the simplest procedure to follow. Just open your Gmail account and select the [Inbox] icon. A small empty box will appear on the top left corner, above the [Compose] option. The selection will select everything on the current section of your inbox. You are also instructed to undertake [Select all 300 Conversations in Primary/Social/Promotions] to do this job accurately. In actual, it is likely to give a more refined result. At the end, you need to click the [Rubbish Bin/Trashcan] icon. Even though the emails will be deleted, the given process will save your emails in the Bin for next 30 days. If not recovered, they will be removed permanently after the defined duration.