How to Fix Gmail SMTP Error Code 0x80040217

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Steps to fix Gmail SMTP error code 0x80040217

Working on the gmail account is very convenient as it provides ease to the users in their email related work. It has multiple features for the users which makes it convenient for them to work on it and provide ease to them in their work.

The gmail account is very convenient for the users to provide them the ease in their work and make it easy for them to manage their work on it. There might be different issues which users face while working on it causing trouble to them in their work. Such issue can restrict their work and make it difficult for them to work on it. There is a common error which could be encountered by the users when they are working on their gmail account with the error code 0x80040217 making it difficult for them to continue their work on it.

Here are some of the simple steps to fix gmail SMTP error code 0x80040217 which causes trouble to them in sending messages from gmail account to other account

  • Verify the login credentials
  • Check the SMTP server authentication
  • Change the configuration for the gmail account
  • Start the ‘Reporting services configuration tools’ and connect to the report server instance
  • Go to the email settings and type the name of SMTP server
  • Enter the account name
  • Click on the apply option
  • Check with the SMTP administrator

These steps will help the users to fix the error for their gmail account and make it convenient for them to work on their account. The error could be overcome easily by the users for which they need to go through the useful steps and make their work go easily with the gmail account.

If the users are not able to get the access of their work on the gmail account even after successfully completing the process then they need to immediately contact the support team which will provide them the best solution for their issues and help to make their work go easily. They can call on the Gmail customer service phone number and interact with the experts to get the solution.