How to Forward an Individual Message in Gmail

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Forward an email on Gmail

Gmail gives you so many features that you like it very much and you choose it over many other email services. You compose a mail and send it to other or you receive a mail and reply back and thus there is a chain of messages in the same sender and receiver individual/group. Now if you have to forward this mail to someone then you can do it easily. You forward an email to someone so that you can let him know everything that has been discussed in the conversation so far.

Steps to forward an email on Gmail

You can follow below steps to forward an email on Gmail:

  1. First open Gmail and once it is opened, you can select the conversation that contains the email you want to forward. On your screen you will see more than one section of the message, which indicates the separate emails.
  2. You need to ensure the individual message which you want to forward be expanded. If you are not able to see at least part of the email's text, then you can click or tap on the sender's name in the conversation's list of messages. It is absolutely fine if you see the other individual messages expanded too.
  3. Now go to the section where the message is and then click or tap the More button or the down arrow in the message's header area.
  4. Now choose Forward.
  5. Now you can fill in the "To" field which you can see at the top of the message you are forwarding with the email address of recipient who you want and who should receive the message. You can edit any of the extra text you may want to change before you send it. In case you want to edit the subject field, then click or tap the small right arrow next to the "To" field and choose Edit subject.

    Then click or tap Send to forward the email.

So, this is how you can forward an email on Gmail.

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