How to Secure Gmail Account from Hacking

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Secure Your Google/Gmail Account from Hacking

If a professional hacker really wants to hack into your email account, there is no single way to prevent it. But yes, most of them don’t want to invest too much time on a single account. That’s why our suggestion is to do the best. You can easily follow all the preventive measures to keep your side stronger. Here we are telling about some genuine ways that are required to be followed carefully.

Embrace security plugins

You might end up getting tricked by phishers and scammers even though you have a strong security level. That’s why the adaptation of browser plugin is necessary for you. It is likely to strengthen your online security by aiding you in removing threats and recognizing phishing sites. In this agenda, you are eventually suggested to learn the ways to secure your Gmail account.

Update your Gmail Settings

Go to the right top portion and select the [Settings] button. All your email addresses should be under the [Send Mail As] section. Click the [General] tab and scroll down to [Browser Connection]. You are also supposed to confirm that the [Always Use HTTPS] is selected. There is a difference in between HTTP and HTTPS – the S gives you an extra protection.

Change your password

You are supposed to change your account password after every gap of time. We recommend for a change in every three months. Gmail Customer Care Number tells you to be specific while choosing the passwords. It should not be related to your name, contact number, date of birth, house number, or school name.

Delete suspicious filters

You can delete suspicious filters by visiting the [Account Settings] section. To do that, you just need to log into your Gmail account. Hence, you can choose the [Settings] button at the right top corner. Go to [Filters] to check and delete those Filters you have not been added by you earlier. Also, click the [Forwarding and POP/IMAP]. It will help you in dealing with the foreign forwarding addresses. Just remove them if available.

Strengthen your Security Question

Some hackers love to hack the Gmail accounts by accessing the security sections. That’s why the selection of tricky recovery question and answer is recommended to you. You can easily set a question with a wrong answer. Making irrelevant answer is a great way to strengthen the account security. Get more details about the same from the experts associated with Gmail Support Toll free Number.