How to Set up Scanning to Email with Gmail Servers

Gmail SMTP Settings for Printers

Gmail allows access to the users to get the print out of the documents which are there on their Gmail account. In order to get the printout, users are required to have the SMTP settings for the Gmail to the printer which helps them to get their work done. The SMTP settings will help the users to get their email related work on the printer go easily and help them to keep them updated on the professional front.

Setup Scanning to Email with Gmail Servers

In order to know about how to set up scanning to email with Gmail servers, users have required to first set up their SMTP settings with the Gmail account. In order to do so, users are required to go through the given steps

  • Choose your configuration option
  • Port options would be 25, 465 and 587
  • Secure SSL/TLS protocols
  • One or more static IP addresses required
  • An IP address provides authentication
  • Send email from your device
  • Connect to on port 465 if using SSL
  • If you are using TLS use port 587
  • Sign in with Gmail username and password
  • Ensure that the user name you use has cleared the CAPTCHA word verification
  • Ensure that the account has secured password

These steps will help the users to get their Gmail account work with the printer and enable them to get the print-out and do the printing work by connecting to the Gmail account. It somehow helps the users to fasten their work. If there happens to be an issue then the users are free to call Gmail technical support number. Their users will get the chance to get connected to the support experts who will provide them the best solution for their issue and enable them to work. Users can get online customer service with an expert team to get the step by step solution for their issues