How to Stop Getting Promotion Emails in Gmail

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Stop Getting Promotion Emails

While working on the email account, it generally happens to the users that they regularly get the promotional emails on their account causing issue to them in their work. This annoys the users in their work as they get unwanted mails in their account causing trouble to them in their work. Users can work on this in order to restrict from getting the unwanted promotional messages in their email account. If still they are facing any issue while they are workings then they are required to immediately contact the gmail customer service number and interact with the experts. In order to do so, users are required to go through the following steps to get their work done

  • Open gmail account
  • Go to the promotion label
  • Open the promotion mail
  • Select the option of unsubscribe next to the sender’s address
  • A new tab will appear
  • Select the reason for discard the subscription
  • Press the submit button
  • The mail will also appear in the primary section
  • Select the email from there and delete it

These steps will help the users to unsubscribe the sender of the email and prevent from getting the promotional emails. If they face any issue then they can stop getting promotion emails with online technical experts who will provide them the best solution for their issue. Users can share their issue with them and get the step by step proper solution for their issues and continue their work on it easily.

If still they face issue while working on the gmail account and getting the promotions on their account repeatedly then they are advised to immediately contact the Gmail Technical Helpline Number where the experts will provide them the assured solution for the issues which they are facing while working on it. There the support experts will provide them to best solution for their issues and let them work easily on it.