Use Different Devices For Gmail Log In

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How to use different devices for Gmail login?

Are you having more than one Android device? User might be in the dilemma to manage multiple devices on a Google account. User will be having multiple options, one user can use the same account on both devices, or create and alternative account for the secondary device. If the user signing-in to a new device with the same Gmail or Google account user might face different events. User will be getting emails on both of the device as well as any Hangout messages or YouTube subscription. Also, user will be able to keep up to the date with what is happening and work form either device.

Multiple Google Accounts on Multiple Devices

It requires a little more setup to get it working as the user wants it. The user is signed in into the primary device with the Google account, then on the second device user creates a new Google account as the main account to see the associates with the various apps. Choose the sync settings on both devices and user will be still logged-in as the same Google account holder with adjustable notifications. If the user is prone to gaming on both devices, then use the same Google Play login information on both devices or use Facebook to sign in into the games with which the devices are synced.

Here are the steps to use different devices for Gmail log in –

  • Login to the Google Admin console.
  • Then move to the ‘Device Management’ option and then select ‘Chrome’.
  • Next select the option of ‘User Settings’ and then select ‘Multiple Sign-in Access’.
  • Now choose one of the settings for the organizational units in the domain.

    The option are ‘Managed user must be the primary user (secondary users are allowed)’, ‘Unrestricted user access (allow any user to be added to any other user’s session)’, and ‘Block multiple sign-in access for users in this organization’.

Not able to login to Gmail with different devices? Dial Gmail customer care number for instant support and assistance. Support professionals will provide relevant steps to use the Gmail account across all devices.