What is the use of CC and BCC in Gmail

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Know everything about to use of CC and BCC in Gmail

Gmail is a popular email service offered by Google. You can compose an email and send it to a recipient in Gmail by typing his/her email address in the To field of Compose mail window. Now you have option of CC and BCC in Gmail also. CC means Carbon Copy which means that the email addresses that you write in this block will receive a copy of the email. BCC means Blind Carbon Copy. All the email addresses that you enter in this block will also receive a copy of the same email, but their names will not be listed in the headers that the recipient(s) sees.  You do CC so that every one in the loop knows entire conversation. BCC is sued to send message to a bunch of people, where each receiver can't know to whom all it was copied as well.

CC means that all the email address that you are keeping this block should be in the loop of entire conversation but they are not directly being addressed here. So, if you are sending an email to your client then you keep his email address in To field and in CC you can keep your boss and other concerned people.

BCC means that you are sending same email to many people but all of them cannot see others email address except that of the sender and those in CC if any. You do it when for example you want take opinion on your product or new launch from multiple people. Now you can shoot the same email keeping all of them in BCC and none of recipient will know about the other recipients.

How many recipeients does Gmail allow in BCC?

Gmail allows you to send a message to not more than 500 recipients in a single day which includes To, CC and BCC email addresses.

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