Is your Gmail not working?

There might be several reasons why your Gmail is not working. Gmail is used by millions across the world. Users use it on multiple web browsers. So if you find that Gmail is not working then you may find some issues which are below:

  1. You are not able to send your emails.
  2. You are not able to receive emails as emails are not loading.
  3. When you prompt your Gmail Inbox does not update.
  4. You are not seeing notification of new emails.
  5. When you try to sync your account you see error occurring.

So above mentioned issues are only some common issues which tell you that your Gmail is not working properly.

Check the storage space on your device

Today you use many apps on your mobile phone or even on your other devices. So you know that all the apps that you download on your device require some storage space on your phone for cache and other data. So if you are looking to download Gmail from Play Store then you need some free storage space on your mobile phone so that Gmail works properly and is able to save data on your phone. For Gmail app to work properly on your phone and to load new messages or download attachments from received emails you need ample storage space on your device. If you want space on your device, then, go to Settings>Application Manager>Downloaded. Now you can scroll down the list of apps and then you can choose one or more apps which you want to delete.

Check your Internet connection

Without proper Internet connection you cannot access Gmail on your device. You need good internet signal strength otherwise you may face problems in loading Gmail on your device. If you are using your Gmail app, and internet connection is poor the Gmail will return a window which informs you that there is no connection and you should retry when there is a connection. The same thing applies when you use other web browsers. In simple terms, there is no way for you to access Gmail if there is no internet connection or even poor internet connection. So you need to ensure that your internet connection is working properly and optimally.

Keep your Gmail Account Secure

If you want to use Gmail and want to use it safe from external threats then you should secure your Gmail account. For this Gmail allows you with several security features through which you can secure your account from being hacked.

Update Google Play store and Gmail app

You should have latest version of Gmail app on your device and for this you need to update your Google Play store. You will always face problems with Gmail if you try to update it without updating your Google Play Store. In case you have a problem with Gmail app, you should go to Play Store and click on the horizontal bars. After that you can proceed and tap on My Apps option, and then you will see a list of apps which need to be updated. If you find that Play Store and Gmail are some of them, then tap on Update and give them time to update.

Turn on Gmail Notifications

If you want regular updates from Gmail then you should turn on Gmail Notifications.

Supported browsers for Gmail

Several browsers support for Gmail like IE, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and others.

Browser extensions and applications

You may find that Gmail stops working because of some installed applications on your computer or as a result of extensions you have enabled on your browser. In order to fix this issue, you need to turn off all applications and extensions and then try to use Gmail and find out if that has solved the problem.

Clear cache and cookies

If you want your Gmail to load faster then you should avoid clearing cache and cookies but if you want to clear cache and cookies then you can do so. On your computer, go to Chrome and tap there on “More” on the toolbar. Next you need to click on More Tools and select Clear browsing data. In this box, you need to select the options on Cached images and files and Cookies and other site plug-in data. Choose the amount of data that you need to clear from the Menu and select the beginning of time when deleting will start. Finally, tap on Clear browsing data.

Gmail customer service phone number

You can get help via email, live chat or in community page. If this does not solve your issue then you can dial Gmail customer service phone number.

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